Practice Change Champions

Through Practice Change Champions, we are aiming to influence practice and organizational change to include attachment and early childhood mental health in community programs and services. Information about upcoming sessions can be found lower on this page. The goal of the sessions is to increase knowledge in:

  • Child development and brain development
  • Attachment and temperament
  • Risk factors for insecure attachment
  • Impact of trauma and parent mental health
  • Common behaviors and resilience practices
  • Understanding and Supporting children/families with challenging behaviours
  • Effective role modeling –being and teaching to be a role model

What is a Practice Change Champion and who should become one?

  • A Practice Change Champion is a community-based professional who works with young children and/or their families who promotes attachment and early childhood mental health.
  • Those who participated in Practice Change Champions are encouraged to participate as well as those new participants.

How can I get started?

  • Sign up for the Practice Change Champions email list at this link
  • Download the Resources Handout to find recommended trainings to support infant and early childhood mental health in your work
  • Download the IECMH Task Group tip sheets, found here and here
  • Register for an upcoming session (details below)


Detailed calendar and registration links will be available in the month prior to session. Resources and materials from prior sessions available on "Practice Change Champions Resources" page.


Check back in January/February for the 2023 sessions!


2022 sessions

  • March 2, 2022: Attachment, facilitated by Kristina Scully, Youville Centre, download resources
  • May 25, 2022: Understanding Trauma, facilitated by Carmela Savoia, download resources and slides
  • Summer 2022: Fostering Physical Literacy, download booklet
  • September 21, 2022: Exploring the Circle of Security - A Relationship Based Parenting Program, facilitated by Joanne Boyd, Parent Resource Centre, download resources
  • October 25, 2022: – Simplifying the Journey for Youth and Families, to learn more visit
  • November 30: Working with Challenging Behaviours: Supporting Front-Line Service Providers, facilitated by Natasha So, Supervisor at Crossroads Children's Mental Health Centre, download resources and slides

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