Our Structure

The Growing Up Great Initiative is made up of key players with representation across age spans and sectors, who all agree to share responsibility, resources, and accountability.


The Initiative strives to achieve shared goals that no single entity can accomplish on its own, including in policy, system and, practice changes.

The Ottawa Child and Youth Initiative is comprised of:

Council of Partners:

Provides leadership, direction and strategic vision to the Initiative.


The Council is mainly responsible for advancing strategic initiatives to influence public policy,system-level changes, and service delivery that positively influences the healthy development of children and youth


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Adopt strategic goals and directions that align with the Vision and Mission
  • Advocate for children and youth in the community and at all levels of government
  • Represent the interests of children and youth to achieve its goals in circles of influence in the community
  • Represent Growing Up Great at public/ community events and meetings
  • Create linkages and connections between related activities to benefit children and youth in Ottawa
  • Leverage investment of the Ottawa community to support children and youth reaching their full potential
  • Support and assist with the work of otherGrowing Up Great committees as needed and appropriate
  • Leverage support and resources of Council members own organizations and partnership groups
  • Report progress to the community towards achieving identified goals



The Council of Partners is made up of senior executive leaders from the private, public, and volunteer sector (approximately 15-20 members). Chairs of the three other sectors of the Initiative will also sit on the Council.

Research and Evaluation Task Group:

Supports the work of the Initiative and its sub-committees and ensures that they are able to access and use appropriate, quality methods for research, evaluation and surveillance. 


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Provide advice, guidance and expertise on research and evaluation for the work of the Initiative and support the work of committee.
  • Support research initiatives that fit within the strategic priorities of Growing Up Great
  • Support the development of children and youth indicators across the age spans
  • Facilitate the use of data and promote evidence-based planning and policy development in the community
  • Inform practice, policy and system change recommendations that arise from findings



The task group will be comprised of researchers, volunteers and those interested in the work and mandate of the group.  The co-chairs also  participate on the Council of Partners and Coordinating Committee. 


Click Here to access all resources presented by the RETG.

Charting Outcomes Report

The Ottawa Child and Youth Initiative envisions a community that is

committed to supporting children and youth to reach their full potential. To make this vision a reality, we asked the Research and Evaluation Task Group to design  a reliable map based in community data that outlines each step to help us stay on the right track. 


Click here do download the full Charting Outcomes Report, to see how children and youth in the Ottawa community are doing!


Click here to view our interactive map and assess how the Charting Outcome indicators are doing in your neighbourhood!


The project is ongoing, as we also need reminders to let us know if we’re going in the right direction, or need to change course. These reminders will be released in the form of monthly reports in 2015... keep your eyes open for them!

Research and Evaluation Databases and Datasets


The Research and Evaluation Task Group has provided a compliation of several available databases as a resource to our members.  Click on the links below, or visit our Resources page to access these tools.


Growing Up Great Network:

Provides oversight to subcommittees and their workplans, and provide OCYI members an opportunity to explore key issues, learn about innovative and relevant activities, network with colleagues, and receive progress reports on our action plans. Meetings are held 3 times a year. 


Roles and Responsibilities of Members:

  • Engage and mobilize representatives with a vested interest in children and youth to develop and implement community plans
  • Foster community collaboration
  • Identify priorities, define strategies, make recommendations and implement initiatives
  • Provide input to and support for communications and research plans
  • Link with relevant community initiatives and networks
  • Develop action plans and monitor outcomes



Membership to the Network is open to all those that agree with our mandate and strategic priorities. Members are individuals and representatives from community organizations and networks who work with children, youth and their families and share the vision, mission and values of the Ottawa Child and Youth Initiative - Growing Up Great. 


Confirm your membership here.


Click Here to access our Network resources (Terms of Reference, Framework, meeting minutes, etc.)

Coordinating Committee:

The Committee acts as the executive of the Initiative. It is responsible for ensuring that there are strong linkages, communication and integration of work across the full Initiative.


The committee is also responsible for planning meetings and events of the Council, the Network and other committees as appropriate and provides regular feedback and guidance to the secetariat. 


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Linking, integrating and communicating across the Initiative 
  • Planning and facilitating the meetings and events of the Council, Network, as appropriate;
  • Identify and develop strategies for securing resources to support the Initiative and its activities;
  • Provide regular feedback and guidance to secretariat. 


The Coordinating Committee is comprised of the chair/ co-chairs from Council of Partners, Growing Up Great Network, and Research and Evaluation Task Group and representatives from organizations that provide secretariat support. 

Action Groups:

Responsible for the development and implementation of action plans


Current groups include: 

  • School Readiness Task Group

    Click here to access Group resources
  • Summer Literacy Slide

    Click here to read more about the Summer Literacy Program
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  • Critical Hours Task Group

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    Click here to read more about the Group's Homework Club Community of Practice
    Click here to access Homework Club CoP resources

  • Advocacy and Outreach

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  • Awards Planning Committee

    Click here to read more about the Growing Up Great Awards