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On this page find resources from previous Practice Change Champions sessions. Please note that discussion group sessions are not recorded to allow for open discussion.


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March 2, 2022 Session: Attachment

  • Training to Watch Beforehand: Dr. Gordon Neufeld webinar, "Attachment Roots: Developing the capacity to hold on when apart," 87 minutes, available on YouTube:
  • Facilitator: Kristina Scully, Parent Child Psychotherapist, Youville Centre
March 2 2022 Resource Packet
Resources on Attachment to support March 2, 2022 Practice Change Champions session
Practice Change Champion Resource_ Attac
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Information Session November 30, 2021

Towards the start, a video is played. This was clipped from the recording, If you want to see it, please go to

Resources for Practice Change Champions
Resources for Practice Change Champions, last updated November 2021
Resources for IECMH Practice Change Cham
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