Critical Hours

COVID-19 Resources


The Ottawa Child and Youth Initiative has put together resources for staff and volunteers of critical hours programs such as homework clubs and before and after school programs for meeting current regulations and adapting your programs to be COVIDwise.

The 3 Pillars of Critical Hours Programming

Critical hours programs foster the social and academic skills of participants. When students are engaged in high quality after school activities, they experience higher levels of intrinsic concentration and motivation...

Homework Club Community of Practice

Overseen by the Critical Hours Task Group, the OCYI's Homework Club Community of Practice is a project working toward establishing and supporting best practices for after school programming across Ottawa. The CoP has already hosted two community forums on Homework Club programming, and from these...

Summer Literacy

Our Summer Literacy program aims to promote literacy for children and youth while they are on summer break, maintaining their engagement in their education.

Know of an Awesome Activity from your Programs? Please share it with us!

The Ottawa Child & Youth Initiative is currently in the process of developing a resource tool called 150 Days of Programming to aid frontline workers of critical-hours programs in easily integrating quality, skill-building activities into their programming. Its autonomous web presence for such a resource provides each program with the flexibility to incorporate into programs as each deems fit and is accessible 24/7. Instead of creating completely new activities, we thought it best to use activities that are already out there, which may not be new to your program but new to another.


What we are hoping to get from you is some support in developing this tool, and the way you can help is by sharing with us some the activities that have been successful in your own programs!


The entirety of the activities and resources found within this resource are either original to OCYI, sourced from the internet, or provided on behalf of partnering agencies. And if your agency chooses to contribute activities, appropriate credits will be given to your agency!


Fill out this form about your activity, which includes the headers used in the completed 150 Days tool or download the document and email Using this form saves us a ton of work in terms of adapting the activities for the new website, but alternatively you can just send us your activity page if it’s already typed up!

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.