Summer Literacy

Over summer vacation, children typically read less than they do during the school year. During this time away from school, they are at risk of losing some of the literacy skills developed during the academic year. Children can lose upward of a month of skills or knowledge in math, reading and language arts each summer - this loss is referred to as the summer slide. This loss plays a significant role in a child's chances for future success in school and in life.


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The Summer Lit Kit

What is it?

The Lit Kit is the product of the Summer Literacy Task Group's hard work in the are of the summer slide. This "program in a box" is designed to help reduce a child's loss of literacy skill by helping summer camps, programs, and parents/guardians to integrate literacy into their daily activities. By thinking outside of the box (while using what's in the box) on how to support literacy and reading, we can can encourage a love of reading in all children all year long.

The contents of the Lit Kit can be worked into any program, camp, or home in assist in the development of five key literacy skills:

  • reading
  • writing
  • decoding
  • vocabulary-building
  • storytelling
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What's included and how do I get one?

Below is all the Guidebook and additional materials ready for download! If you are interested in a physical Lit Kit, including some materials to get you started, contact for more information.

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Divided by age group (4-6 and 7-12) and includes activities, games, and crafts which promote literacy development. (Contains tips for implementing additional literacy measures in your program, and overcoming challenges and supporting  children who are struggling with reading).

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Templates & Book List

Includes templates for printing that accompany the suggested activities and crafts. List of recommended books based on age, reading level and theme, developed by the Ottawa Public Library.

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Suggested Book Lists by the
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Livres Recommandés par le
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Information Session: June 2022

Funded by:

Thanks to funding received from the Community Foundation of Ottawa, we provide the virtual Lit Kit free of charge and it is available in both French and English.

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