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All parents have questions. Just ask.

  • The Ottawa Collaborative for Parenting Support (OCPS) wants parents to feel supported in being the best parent you can be! 
  • The OCPS is part of the Ottawa Child and Youth Initiative. We are a community of partners working together to build resilient families that can support their children's healthy development, feel empowered, and are able to cope with the ups and downs of everyday living.
  • We recognize that all parents have questions about different areas of parenting, and we want to encourage parents to Just ask! See below for links to organizations to get you started finding answers.
  • Below is information about our four Just ask partners and how to contact them, at the bottom is information about how to obtain your own poster.
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Please contact one of the following agencies for all your parenting questions:

1Call1Click logo

Phone: 613-260-2360 or 1-877-377-7775

Website: 1Call1Click.ca

Twitter: @1Call1Click_ca

Instagram: 1call1click.ca

Email: info@1call1click.ca

1Call1Click: transformational regional coordinated access and navigation service. This bilingual service is designed to match kids, youth and families living in Eastern Ontario with the right mental health, substance use health and addiction services, at the right time. An initiative of the Kids Come First Health Team brings together 33 local providers of child and youth mental health, substance use health and addiction services.

Parenting in Ottawa is where parents go to get in the know. Speak with a public health nurse online, over the phone, or in person. Ottawa Public Health and its community partners offer these free services to make it easier for children to grow up healthy.

Parenting in Ottawa logo

Phone: 613-PARENTS or 613-727-3687

TTY: 613-580-9656

Web: parentinginottawa.ca

Email: parentinginottawa@ottawa.ca

Social Media: Facebook.com/ParentingInOttawa and Instagram @ParentsOttawa

211 logo

Phone: 2-1-1 or 613-761-9076

TTY: 1-855-405-7446

Website: 211EasternOntario.ca

Email: GetHelp@211ontario.ca

211: This free, confidential and multilingual Information and Referral service allows callers to access a full range of non-emergency community, social, government, and health services. Community Navigators provide this service seven days a week.

Parent Resource Centre: Talk to someone who understands parenting. The team at Parent Resource Centre (PRC) will provide the support you need. As a family resource centre, we help you draw on your life experiences, your inner strength and wisdom so you and your family can better manage the challenges that life brings. Please call our Parent Support Phone Line available Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm.

Parent Resource Centre logo

Tel: 613-565-2467 ext. 222
Email: information@parentresource.ca

Just Ask Posters

To request the poster complete this request formPosters and tearaway pads are available to most organizations at no charge.


The OCPS wants parents to feel supported in being the best parents they can be! We recognize that all parents have questions about different areas of parenting, and we want to encourage our member organizations open up the channels of discussion around child health, parenting best practices, workshops, events, etc. We have designed the "Just Ask" poster to create common messaging in this endeavour across the city.

Download your own poster!

Just Ask poster
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2022 version of the Just ask poster (English)
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PDF version of Just ask posters (English and French)
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2022 version of the Just ask poster (French)
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