Partner Profiles & Stories

Partner Profile: Parents for Diversity
Partner Profiles & Stories · 20 February 2024
Parents for Diversity (P4D) is an Ottawa-based collective of parents and allies who share a commitment to protecting every child’s right to an education that is free from discrimination.

OCYI Story: Let's Talk 2024
Partner Profiles & Stories · 19 January 2024
Sharing local resources, tips, and compassionate messages, the IECMH-EA Task Group aims to use their collective expertise to support families and care providers by directing them to quality content and helpful information.

Partner Profiles & Stories · 15 December 2023
Playful Mindset, a collaborative initiative striving to be both evidence-based and creative in approach, was built on the concept of “playing with play”.

OCYI Story: Community Services Recovery Fund
Partner Profiles & Stories · 17 November 2023
OCYI's CHTG received funds from the Community Services Recovery Fund!

Partner Profile: Pleo
Partner Profiles & Stories · 12 October 2023
For over 20 years, OCYI partner Pleo has been there to support families whose children, to age 25, are facing mental health challenges.

Partner Profile: Rideauwood Addiction & Family Services
Partner Profiles & Stories · 12 September 2023
Ottawa’s Rideauwood Addiction and Family Services opened its doors in 1976 with funding for just four programs and services. Today, more than 45 years later, this valuable OCYI partner offers over 15 programs to youth, adults, families and support persons who are struggling with the role that substance use, behavioural addictions and mental health issues play in their lives.

Discovering Emotions Activity from Le CAP

Partner Profile: Le CAP
Partner Profiles & Stories · 22 March 2023
OCYI caught up with our partner Le CAP to learn how they are supporting francophone children and youth

Interview with OCYI Placement Student
Partner Profiles & Stories · 22 March 2023
Learn more about 2023 placement student Lauren Wood

Partner Profile: OrKidstra
Partner Profiles & Stories · 15 December 2022
Earlier this month, OCYI caught up with our new partner OrKidstra to see what this inspiring organization has been up to and to learn more about their preparations for the holiday season.

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