Our Strategic Priorities

Growing Up Great is grounded in the Framework to Promote the Healthy Development of Children and Youth, which illustrates that families, schools, neighbourhoods, community and governments all have a role to play in enabling children and youth to achieve their optimal development.

Strategic Priority 1:

Critical Hours

Working together to ensure opportunities are available for children and youth when they are not in school - "bell to bell".

  • Address issues of access to community space for programs and services during critical hours (including weekends, school break and summer)
  • Map programs available during after school hours
  • Develop a position statement on community use of space and best practices on critical hours programming.

Strategic Priority 2:

School Readiness

Enabling organizations to successfully support all children and families in entry to school.

  • Explore implementation of a common screening distributed to all parents city-wide (Nipissing Developmental Screen)
  • Prepare literature reviews on school readiness
  • Build consensus on components of "school readiness" and develop a position statement on community supports for school readiness

Strategic Priority 3:

Collective Voice for the Child & Youth Sector

Collectively engage key stakeholders and decision-makers in issues that impact children, youth and their families.

  • Increase the capacity of organizations to advocate for children and youth in our strategic priority areas at the different levels of government
  • Develop communication tools and provide organizations with opportunities for knowledge sharing, to inform decision-makers and the public

Strategic Priority 4:

Research into Action

Effectively use research and data to inform and guide program, systems and policy change.

  • Advisory to Early Development Instrument (EDI) report and develop and implement a knowledge mobilization strategy
  • Facilitate data sharing among partners
  • Build a business case for a Middle Years Development Instrument
  • Establish Common indicators for child and youth health and development