Growing Up Starts with Home

Everyone needs a home; to rest, play, be messy, and share in meaningful connection. But Ottawa is experiencing a housing and homelessness emergency, with 48,000 households living in housing that is unaffordable, in disrepair, and overcrowded. Thankfully, there are solutions.


OCYI has endorsed Starts With Home, an Ottawa-based non-partisan coalition of local people, organizations, businesses and community groups advocating for affordable housing as a key priority in the upcoming municipal election on October 24. The coalition (which includes CHEO, Ottawa Tourism, Ottawa Catholic School Board, and Federation of Community Associations) is calling on the new council to adopt six actions that would help solve the housing and homelessness crisis, so that every individual and family in Ottawa has a safe and affordable place to live. 


Join us!! Endorse the campaign and Take Action by calling your candidates, showing up for events, and learning and sharing with your neighbors, friends and family. Together, we can end homelessness!


Learn more at www.startswithhome.ca and check out this video: https://youtu.be/YRfnhBXkH0U



Image of Black girl in sunglasses against a blue wall, with text saying: Growing up great means putting down roots. - Ottawa Child and Youth Initiative ENDORSER, Growing Up #StartsWithHome
Growing up great means putting down roots.

This story is part of the September 2022 Ovation. This story is also available in French.