Nature as a Classroom

Spend the day learning outside? Yes, please! The Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est’s 20 nature classrooms are ideal settings for authentic and stimulating learning experiences.


Nature-based learning, as the name implies, is learning that takes place outside the classroom. Once or twice a week, kindergarteners head outdoors to enjoy unique experiences in a natural environment near their school.


Exploration, free play, and intrinsically motivated, child-led discovery nurture each learner’s holistic growth. Natural environments help kids develop their vocabulary, literacy and numeracy skills.


Nature-based pedagogy and learning in natural environments in general is an experiential approach that promotes student well-being by creating space for them to be engaged, active and happy.


All year long, in fair weather and foul, students enrolled in nature-based learning spend time outside taking part in a broad range of activities, such as circle time, hikes, hands-on experiences that develop motor skills, singing, plant and wildlife observation and art projects.


Regular access to a natural environment stimulates curiosity, satisfies the need to play and socialize, contributes to well-being, boosts self-esteem and fosters environmental stewardship.


Nature-based learning is one more great reason to enroll your child in a CECCE school this coming year. Find out more at ecolecatholique.ca/classesnature.

This story is part of the June 2022 Ovation. This story is also available in French.