A Shoulder to Lean on During the Critical Hours

Featured member: Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa


There are 206,000 children and youth in Ottawa that we can help to grow up great. Every year at the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa, we see over 4,500 of them walk through the doors of our eight locations across the city.


Our program is offered in the afternoon and evening hours, times that have been identified as being critical for children and youth to be engaged in programs and recreation. Those hours are when you will see Dan at his best.


Whether he’s sitting down with a young person who is struggling with school work or helping a young person who is struggling with an issue at home, Dan always takes the time to make a difference and help them achieve their goals. Over the years, Dan has helped many young members develop their self-esteem by increasing their resiliency and allowing them to feel that they have a strong support network around them.


As the recipient of this year’s Growing Up Great Dr. Dan Offord Award of Excellence, he has been recognized for his personal commitment to helping children and youth grow up great.


In his 27 years as a Senior Youth Worker, Manager, and now Senior Manager, Dan has been a shoulder to lean on for many children and youth in our community, and many young people come back to thank him years after their time at the club has completed… these moments are truly special for Dan and all of our staff.


We are very lucky to have Dan Rees not just at the BGCO, but in our community. He is an individual whose passion for helping young people goes well beyond the walls of the Clubhouse, helping them to believe their goals are attainable and achieve their dreams.