Charting Outcomes · 28/11/2018
Indicator: Percentage of Participating Grade 6 Students At or Above the Provincial Standard by Subject within the City of Ottawa
LE LANGAGE, IMPORTANT À TOUT ÂGE : Les expériences vécues par l’enfant dans les premières années de sa vie sont cruciales au développement général du langage. Le cerveau d'un enfant se développe plus rapidement au cours des trois premières années qu'à tout autre moment du développement de l'enfant. De nombreux facteurs, tels que les relations, les expériences et l’environnement d'un enfant, favorisent le développement du cerveau. La communication se développe à partir de la stimulation...
Frontline Reflections · 11/07/2018
LANGUAGE MATTERS AT ANY AGE: A child’s experience in early years is pivotal for language development. A child’s brain grows faster in the first three years than at any other time in the child’s development. Many factors, such as a child’s relationships, experiences and environments, promote brain development. Communication grows from the positive and caring stimulation provided by parents, educators and other caregivers.
Chaque journée de classe, le Programme des petits déjeuners dans les écoles du Réseau d’Ottawa pour l’éducation (ROPE) accueille 13 500 élèves de la maternelle à la 12e année et leur offre un repas sain à l’école...
Frontline Reflections · 09/05/2018
Every single school day, ONFE’s School Breakfast Program greets 13,500 K-12 students at school, and offers them a nutritious meal. It’s our goal that all children and youth are set up to succeed in their day of learning...
Contribution par: Jessica MacDonald, Carleton University placement student Plus s’améliorent notre connaissance et notre compréhension des identités transgenres au fil des ans, plus nous devons adapter nos politiques et nos pratiques sociales, de sorte que les milieux d’apprentissage et de croissance soient accueillants et inclusifs pour tous les élèves, peu importe leur identité de genre[i]. Il y a cinq ans, la Commission ontarienne des droits de la personne reconnaissait cette...
Frontline Reflections · 21/11/2017
Featured member: Jessica MacDonald, Carleton University placement student As the visibility and awareness of transgender identities increases throughout the years, it is important that policies and social practices follow, ensuring that the spaces meant for learning and developing are welcoming and inclusive to all students, including those of varying gender identities. [i]
Frontline Reflections · 22/02/2017
Featured member: Andrea Poncia, Coordinator for the Community Suicide Prevention Network Health promotion campaigns often highlight the negative impacts of a harmful behaviour, and then provide information about healthier alternatives. It’s an approach that assumes the audience is capable of changing habits and behaviours, and it works best with things that are fairly easy to change, like wearing seat belts.
Frontline Reflections · 14/09/2016
Featured member: Shannel Watt-Charley of the Ottawa Child & Youth Initiative When a baby is born, he/she already knows how to breathe, blink, cry, drink, and sleep. But in order to fully adapt to its new surroundings, that baby will have to learn other complex, skills. Some of these skills can be directly taught, but others must be experienced.
Frontline Reflections · 08/12/2015
Featured member: Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa There are 206,000 children and youth in Ottawa that we can help to grow up great. Every year at the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa, we see over 4,500 of them walk through the doors of our eight locations across the city. Our program is offered in the afternoon and evening hours, times that have been identified as being critical for children and youth to be engaged in programs and recreation. Those hours are when you will see Dan at his best.

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