School Readiness

The OCYI's School Readiness Task Group organizes their work around the following objectives:

  • Promoting early identification for developmental concerns
  • Ensuring there are community supports in place for children with developmental concerns
  • Enhancing supports in general for families with children - to 3 years
  • Developing a community response to strengthening self-regulation skills in young children
  • Ensuring Early Years is on the political agenda at the local and higher levels of government.

For more information, and to access concrete tools for service providers, please visit our Resources section.

Nipissing District Developmental Screen

The School Readiness Task Group lends ongoing support to the implementation of the Nipissing District Developmental Screen (NDDS) tool . The Task Group is working with NDDS on the tool into different languages, as well as on encouraging its implementation as intake in preschools and daycares. They also hosted training workshops on how to use the tool, and are currently in the process of collecting follow-up data from service providers regarding their subsequent successes and challenges in implementation.

An article on the topic of School Readiness and the NDDS, Help your child be ready for school, was written as a collaboration by Task Group members and published in Parenting Times magazine.

School Readiness Workshops

The School Readiness Task Group has hosted several workshops for service providers, in both official languages, and will continue to host many more in the upcoming months. Here are a few of the topics covered thus far:

  • Development and Self-Regulation in Young Children
  • Building Resilience in Young Children
  • Tools and Strategies to Support Young Children for School Readiness
  • NDDS Implementation Training

Upcoming School Readiness Events:


  • Data Literacy Workshop: Early Years

Other Initiatives

  • Exploring universal resources (other than NDDS) that support early identification and developmental milestones that could be included in kindergarten registration packages
  • Developing and nurturing relationships with the school boards and being a resource to them
  • Building and supporting the work of Ottawa Best Start and promoting strong referrals to community resources and specialized services based on families' unique needs
  • In partnership, develop "Baby boxes" and community resource information packages for new parents, and monitor how they are navigating and connecting to services and information
  • Promote the implementation of the EDI and its integration into policy at all levels of government.