Campaigns & Projects

The Ottawa Child and Youth Initiative is behind several campaigns, and currently executes and supports several projects and initiatives which are aimed at helping children and youth in Ottawa to grow up great!


Ottawa Collaborative for Parenting Support

The community support strategy for parents derives from a strong base of literature showing that parental involvement within the social and academic aspects of their children provides them with a better chance of future success in those areas.

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The Ottawa Collaborative for Parenting Support is proud to share the Just Ask Poster which supports our strategic goal to enable access to programs and services by strengthening information resources.  To request a poster for your agency please email us at

Ottawa Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health

The Ottawa Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Initiative brings together service providers from across sectors interested in building a system of care for infant and early childhood mental health through collective impact...

The 3 Pillars of Critical Hours Programming

Critical hours programs foster the social and academic skills of participants. When students are engaged in high quality after school activities, they experience higher levels of intrinsic concentration and motivation...

5 Numbers & Frontline Reflections Blog

The Ottawa Child and Youth Initiative 5 Numbers You Need to Know is an awareness and advocacy campaign around 5 critical numbers relating to children and  youth in Ottawa. It is supported by the recently launched Frontline Reflections Blog, where key players in child and youth health in our community have taken the time to help us glean a deeper understanding of the significance of each number for children in Ottawa.

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Summer Literacy Slide

Our Summer Literacy program aims to promote literacy for children and youth while they are on summer break, maintaining their engagement in their education.

Homework Club Community of Practice

Overseen by the Critical Hours Task Group, the OCYI's Homework Club Community of Practice is a project working toward establishing and supporting best practices for after school programming across Ottawa. The CoP has already hosted two community forums on Homework Club programming, and from these, has established a shared database of resources, which can be accessed and utilized by programs across the city.

School Readiness 

The Ottawa Child and Youth Initiative's School Readiness Task Group leads multiple initiatives and hosts many workshops and events with to the ultimate end of successfully supporting all young children (0 to 6 years) and their families in school entry.